Photo: Kid Cudi & Justin Bieber In The Studio

Kid Cudi and Justin Bieber hit the studio together last night. No word on what to expect from the two so stay tuned for more info!

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  • Cudder

    I give it a chance :)

  • Michael Marshall

    as long as its not future

  • Michael Marshall

    or 2 chains

  • Guest


  • JessicaC

    Very curious.

  • Mufucka!

    Justin bieber is the opposite of Kid Cudi. I don’t understand why a cool kid would make a song with an intellectual

  • Myasia Brownie

    for cudi i will accept this

  • nofagplease

    fuck my life

  • gk

    Chance did it…Cudder definitely can.

  • Unknown

    Oh hell no. WTF is this shit??????

  • Matt Najarian

    In Cud I Trust!!!! If anyone can pull it off, it’s cudder. NOBODY IS KILLING IT LIKE SCOTT

  • TableNCheststress

    only you cudi
    we’ll see

  • Alwane Clarke

    For my love of Cudi, I’ll overlook this nonsense

  • MichaelDH

    I got faith in Cudi he knows what he’s doin . If Chance can make his collab with bieber work so can Scott

  • D.O.A

    I believe kid cudi can make the song sound dope!…..tis kid cudi remember that

  • cudder4life

    Damn it! NO!
    this is going to be hard to accept

  • Robi York

    Song will be fire…all faith in Cudi..same dude who made collabs with Kreayshawn, Dia Frampton, Dan Black & Knux, just to name a few, and songs came out amazing…should be dope and hopefully awaken the world to the genius of Cudi with radio play

  • No


  • Jose

    Justin Bieber is into singing love songs about women. You see the idea

  • Jose

    You dont know the turning point into this guys, if he does a song with him in the album, maybe you’ll get to know Justin a bit more. He is in the studio with cudi for a reason

  • Marc Martí

    none of those are bieber man…. bieber is on some weak shit….. he sucks big donkey balls…

  • chaz

    lol they look high as fuck

  • myqcholich

    yo kid cudi on coachella post that shit up datnewcudi

  • Bobika

    omg why Cudi ?!? :/

  • Dat boi Rex

    he aint even on cudi’s level smh .

  • Blake Campbell

    God no…you were doing fine, Cudi. Don’t go down that road.

  • Blake Campbell

    I’d rather listen to a 2 Chainz + Cudi song than a lame ass Bieber song.

  • mr rager

    not no….. HELL NO . Scott back on the coke?

  • Chris John Stedman

    NO NO NO NO!!!

  • Brandon

    none of his fans want this…. like I am starting to really think he is turning shit around.. Think of his lyrics of Man on the moon, and think of Justin Bieber. I love you Cudi but I mean c’mon man… double standards are double standards even if you are our idols.

  • cudderfromanothermother

    Guys, in Cudi we trust. If there’s anyone who can pull off a reputable collab with Justin Bieber, it’s Cudi. I have all the faith in the world

  • AndoKomando

    i aint listening to this shit best believe this will be the only song by kid cudi i will not listen to refuse to have my ears be pierced by the bullshit that comes from justin biebers mouth. fuck no, cudi idk what the hell you thinkin.

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