“Kid Cudi is Forever”

If you’ve been a Kid Cudi fan since the early days then you’ll relate heavily to this new editorial piece by Ernest Baker on ILLROOTS. Here’s a quick excerpt below as he details the power of Kid Cudi and his fan base.

You see their collective power harnessed when, even without hit singles, Cudi still posts strong first-week record sales. He still sells out shows and tours globally. It’s a cult of personality, and those of us who really, really, related to that “lonely stoner” shit have been sucked in for a while now. But now Cudi’s almost disappeared from the public eye. Sure, he’s in the upcoming Need For Speed movie, he drops one-off songs on Soundcloud, and pops up in the studio with Justin Bieber, but his moves are so low key these days. Thus, people forget, and, as time passes, we’re increasingly devoid of people who understand why he’s an important artist.

READ: Kid Cudi is Forever by Ernest Baker

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