Kid Cudi Retires Space Suit After Cleveland Performance

The 2013 edition of the Cud Life Tour kicked off last September with Kid Cudi taking the stage in a space suit and a brand new stage design and according to Cudi it’s now time to retire the suit. 

Cudi performed what seems like the final show of The Cud Life Tour last night in his hometown of Cleveland marking the last time he will wear the space suit on stage.


We hope you had a chance to see Cudi live on his lastest tour run as that might have been your only chance to see the moon man in action in his new space suit.

Upcoming Shows:

Photo by Zac Ruben

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  • SDJJ

    damn was hoping for international tour with it :( if we ever even get an international tour!

  • MacKenzie Bates

    It was really cool at the end of the show Cudi had Dennis (“Dennis, Hook me up with more of this whiskey”) come out on stage and help him take off his jetpack. Then Cudi picked this one kid in the front row and told him that with the jetpack came a responsibility to be good to others, to spread the word that there is good music out there that has meaning and a purpose and believe in yourself. Cudi had the kid pledge that he would and he got security to watch out for the kid to make sure he made it out with the pack. Cudi had pre-signed the jetpack to say “Mother Moon or Bust, KC”. It was a really cool moment and you could see how much Cudi loves his fans. Also I liked how the jetpack actually held Cudi’s microphone transmitter so it really served a purpose beyond aesthetic.

    And after that he started to hand out rocks from the set which was awesome! He gave out 4-5 of those, really wish I could have gotten my hands on one!

    I loved the concert! He played Satellite Flight, Internal Bleed and Troubled Boy from SF and a bunch of classics. He brought out his brother Domingo which was pretty cool as well.

  • Luis S.Gonzalez

    Cud, could you ever do a show for my school, CCLA-ArTES, in Sylmar,CA?!

  • spence

    So mad i couldn’t go -.-

  • AlexFirth91

    Damn I missed Cudi opening up in Brooklyn, but it was my 6th Cudi concert so its cool. Balmain Jeans performance was dope! Of course when he brought out Rocky everyone got hyped, the space suit was bad ass and glad I saw it live. Can’t wait for the retail satellite flight!

  • Taylor Cash

    I drove 9 hours to see you Cud from NC. I waited 4 hours in the snow to get a front row spot, and there was a guy there who was an asshole to everyone that thought he could bully everyone around not to mention that he jumped right to the front of the line at 7:00 in front of people that have been there for hours. Me and my best friends who are cudi fans for life and live through your songs ended up getting kicked out of the concert while chip was performing. We got in a fight with the pussy who obviously wasn’t a fan at all. We lost control of our emotions and didn’t think about the consequences ahead. Well to say the least the dude got what he deserved, and unfortunately we were told to leave and missed what we came for. The trip was still worth it though, we met some of the coolest people we have ever met waiting outside, people we plan to meet up with at another concert sometime. Love you Cud, we will see you soon :)

  • Martin Kolbash

    dude! I thought we were the only die-hards out there, me and my buds drove from Greensboro. Sucks they wouldn’t let you in. Next time, we car pool! #CudFam

  • Taylor Cash

    We came from right around Charlotte. I go to Nc state man. And yea it sucked we missed him.

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