Goodbye World Starring Kid Cudi Is Now Available on iTunes

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Kid Cudi’s first film “Goodbye World” was first premiered last year at the LA Film Festival, and now it’s available for rent and purchase on iTunes. Goodbye World is also being released in theatres April 4th, you can check out the limited list of theatres showing the film here.

iTunes: Rent “Goodbye World” – $7.99
iTunes: Buy “Goodbye World” – $12.99

The film is also set to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 3. Pre-order your copy below.

Amazon: Buy “Goodbye World” DVD – $16.99
Amazon: Buy “Goodbye World” blu-ray – $14.98

Indiewire ran a nice review of the filmthat I agree with:

All in all, “Goodbye World” is an entertaining and realistic look at what could very well happen when we consider the end of the world. It won’t necessarily come via sinkholes or aliens, but from ourselves. And we are the only ones who can decide just how we are going to deal with it, which is the question that this film posits. But it’s also a question that we could stand to ask ourselves now, apocalypse or not. [B+]

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