Kid Cudi Featured in May Issue of Esquire

Kid Cudi is making his second appearance in Esquire this year, this time in the May 2014 issue for their “music extravaganza” feature.Kid Cudi sits down with Esquire for a brief interview about life and the road he has taken to this point while taking a couple shots at Bieber (“He ain’t my son, thank God”).

Here’s an excerpt from the story as Cudi provides some interesting thoughts on fame:

Whatever age you are just before you’re famous, that’s where you stop the growth. Look at Michael Jackson, who got famous when he was really young and didn’t have a childhood. His whole life he was this childlike person. I got famous when I was twenty-three, so in my mind I’m almost still the twenty-three-year-old Scott, because I’ve been disconnected from reality and society for the past six years.

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If you missed it, check out his February 2014 feature in Esquire.

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