Kid Cudi Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand Movie Review

Kid Cudi recently starred (and I use that term lightly), in a film titled: Two Night Stand. The film is a romantic comedy based on two, sexually desperate, 20-something year olds (Miles Teller & Analeigh Tipton) who decide to have a meaningless hookup. What was suppose to be a one nighter turned into, well as I’m sure you can guess, a two-nighter. Read More

The Best of Kid Cudi Remixes

DNC Exclusive Mixtape: The Best of Kid Cudi Remixes

I’ve never been a huge fan of remixes. The majority of the time they strike me as unoriginal and untrue to the artist. In my opinion a remix should align with that artist’s style. Read More


Cudi Backs The NOH8 Campaign

The NOH8 campaign is a charitable organization who aims to promote overall human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. Read More


Kid Cudi To Appear In CBS’s Scorpion

Kid Cudi is to appear in CBS’s new drama Scorpion. Read More


Kid Cudi, One Of The Greatest Artists Of Our Generation

Check out DatNewCudi’s latest Kid Cudi Promo video, more to come if you guys like it!


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Why Kid Cudi Is A True Artist Vol. I

Recently, the internet has painted a pretty dark picture of our protagonist, Scott Mescudi. Some argue that he’s washed up, claiming that his music is not what it used to be. While others say that he’s gone into a deep depression that has seemingly engulfed his career. Kid Cudi’s 31st birthday is on the horizon, and admittedly what lies in store for Scott is uncertain. However, if I know Cudi at all I’d say the best is still yet to come, here’s why.

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