The Anthem Mixtape

A Mixtape with a twist. This mixtape includes 21 Kid Cudi Tracks, 8 iPod/iPhone ready Videos, 5 High Res Kid Cudi Photos and 2 Kid Cudi Wallpapers (ranging in various screen sizes). The reasoning behind this is simply to promote Kid Cudi in a tradional way but with some added material.

The Mixtape is of course named after the #1 voted song here at : The Man on the Moon (The Anthem). It received 73 1st place votes out of the 300+ that were submitted, edging out Day ‘n’ Nite at the end by 13 votes. After the break I explain why each media was include and how they were all selected.

For those of you who don’t want the explanation or want a head start on the downloads here yah go:

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Some of you may ask how can I deem these the best of? Well thanks to the top 10 voting (40+ people took part), comments and Favorite Song voting (300+ left a vote) I was able to tally it all up and rank the songs 1-15. I then added a few remixes and a bonus Day ‘n’ Nite club mix to round out the 21 songs.

  • 1. Man on the Moon (The Anthem)
  • 2. Day ‘n’ Nite
  • 3. The Prayer
  • 4. Embrace The Martian
  • 5. Down & Out
  • 6. Cleveland is the Reason
  • 7. Super Boo
  • 8. Heaven at Nite
  • 9. 50 Ways to Make a Record
  • 10. Dat “New New”
  • 11. Maui Wowie
  • 12. Waisting My Minutes ft Kid Cudi
  • 13. Embrace the Martian (Round Table Kmicks Remix)
  • 14. Day ‘n’ Nite (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
  • 15. Sky High
  • 16. Dose of Dopeness (Live)
  • 17. Therapy ft Kid Cudi
  • 18. Rollin Remix ft Kid Cudi
  • 19. Paranoid G.O.O.D Music Remix
  • 20. Welcome to Heartbreak ft Kid Cudi
  • 21. Day ‘n’ Nite Club Mix (Bonus)

The videos are there for the casual mixtape downloader, who is not sure about who Kid Cudi really is and has only really heard a few tracks. This will allow them to see the normal dude who’s just doing what he loves based of the interviews. Some of the videos include are the two video interviews on the Sam Sylk Show, a live performance with Chip the Ripper and Kid Cudi (thanks to for the 3 videos), live performance of Sky High and Dose of Dopeness, Hustler Watch Interview and the “A Kid Named Cudi Returns Home” documentry by Jits ( And of course they are there for you to upload to your iPod/iPhone and watch on the go.

The photos are there for anyone really. Possibly for aspiring designers to create wallpapers, posters or what ever they desire. Remember, these photos are for your own use and do not resell them as they are not ours. This should be good news for the people who have requested some photos from me.

To make your desktop better looking 😉 It includes 5 different versions of the “The Anthem Mixtape Wallpaper” so that it should fit on most screens as well as a copy of the original Dat New Cudi Wallpaper “The Moon Man”.

380MB 120MB

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