You straighten up, 
you're such an adult
Pay all your bills, 
yet you are a zombie

Complex Releases Kid Cudi Cover Tee

Complex recently released this limited edition shirt on their site. It’s from their cover shoot with Cudi awhile back. You can cop it here: (Not an affiliate link). 


Kid Cudi Reacts To Everything Going On In Ferguson

I am sure by now everyone knows the current happenings in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson — the police officer responsible for the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown — the internet has since erupted. Kid Cudi shared some of his views with us via Twitter, here is what he said:  Read More


Cudi Preaches Facts In Recent Twitter Rant

Cudi was feeling philosophical yesterday and took to Twitter to share some of his views on the current state of the music industry. He started off by vocalizing his disinterest in Rap: Read More

Kid Cudi Scorpion Review

Kid Cudi Helps The Scorpion Team

This past Monday on CBS Cudi joined the Scorpion team as a musical genius and acted out the role masterfully. Scott played a character named Temple who was the creator of an algorithm that mathematically curates the perfect pop song. Read More


Cudi Kills It In Vegas

Two nights, two dope concerts. I heard some amazing things about Cudi’s performance in Vegas, check out some of the best moments below. Read More

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